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SInce 1998 / over 70 cities international / Theatre Stage Management / FOH / BOH SUper vision. / Gallery VSO /  Event + Product Launch Coordinator / Art Director 

Let's skip to the good part…

Besides this passion for Essential Oils and the ONLINE TRADING , ...I do keep my feet on the ground with a busy dedication to my career. 

As a Venue Supervisor , Stage Manager , Event - Product and Branding Management, I oversee the backstage operations / Front of House , of various product expos, events and productions, ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency. 

With 26 years of experience in the industry, I have developed a range of skills and competencies that enable me to manage complex projects, collaborate with diverse teams, and deliver exceptional results.

My passion for the performing arts stems from my family background and my exposure to different cultures and genres. I have worked with renowned artists such as George Michael, Lady Gaga, and Pink, as well as classical ballets, musicals, and other theatrical forms. I have also traveled to over 70 cities around the world, gaining valuable insights and perspectives that enrich my professional and personal growth.

Kind Regards,
Celeste Preece

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